Use Google Slides to Create an eBook

This quick and super-helpful video from the geniuses over at the BetterCloud G-Suite Academy is a great start to using Slides as a means for students to publish their own work by creating an online eBook. Compared to apps like Docs or even Drawings, Slides is a much more manageable, editable, and beautify-able publishing app. You can also download the finished product as a PDF, a PowerPoint presentation, or as individual jpg or png images.

Remember, this does not mean that you have to use digital images as illustrations. Students (or teachers) can take pictures of their own drawings and add them to the slides. (My suggestion is to tape the picture to a wall or board and take the picture that way to avoid shadows.)

Badge Ideas

Level 1 Activity (Augmentation): Use Slides to have students add images and text to Google Slides as opposed to using glue, magazines, crayons, string to tie the pages together, etc.

Level 2 Activity (Modification): Have students add links to information in their slides that go to sites with more information about the topic. Perhaps they link to information about an animal in the book or to a YouTube video of an action described in the book.

Level 3 Activity (Redefinition): Have students collaborate with students from another school to create group eBooks where each student provides his or her own pages, images, and ideas to a completed book. You can also have students collaborate with accomplished authors to create a book together. That would be super cool!

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