Use EDpuzzle to Flip a Lesson

Save yourself some class time and try flipping a lesson.

badge-2Flipping your classroom can be daunting, but you can start small, and the FREE service that EDpuzzle provides can be the key to getting started.

Flipping the classroom is a concept that has gained traction among education innovators over the last couple of years. Research shows that using technology to disseminate information and check for understanding at a student’s individualized pace has benefits in education. The results are definitely intriguing, but the concept of flipping a classroom is one that not many teachers are willing to attempt simply because of the work involved. And we all wonder if the return is worth the work.

Nonetheless, every teacher has that one lesson that they don’t look forward to teaching. There’s that one spot in the curriculum that just doesn’t excite us like other parts. And we all have to take sick days and sometimes have to leave a sub with a video and a worksheet. Or maybe there’s some information that we know we need to review, but we’re not sure we want to take the class time to cover it. We know that many of our students will grasp the information more quickly than others, but it’s always difficult to let students work and learn at their own pace.

This is where flipping the classroom can fit into everyone’s plan. EDpuzzle is a website that provides you with videos from YouTube, Kahn Academy, National Geographic and more. Once you choose a video, the website allows you to crop the video, add questions, and even add narration.


Once you create your video lesson, it’s super easy to share the videos with your students. You can either invite your students through EDpuzzle’s classroom management system, or you can add students through Google Classroom.

When students watch the video, the site keeps them from being able to skip ahead, and when they get to a spot where you added a question, the video stops until they answer the question.

After students get started, you can monitor their progress by viewing the progress and the answers that they provided for the questions. EDpuzzle will automatically grade multiple-choice answers for you, and you can individually grade the short answers. 


EDpuzzle is really easy to use, and the part of the site that the kids see is simple and intuitive. They also have apps for both Android and iOS phones for the students to use. Teachers still have to create their lessons through the website, but students can watch videos and answer questions on their mobile devices.

Find it here at the Google Play Store, and here at the Apple App Store.

Here is a short video from EDpuzzle that explains how the website works. Happy flipping!

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