Adding a Simple Rubric to Essay Questions in a Google Forms Quiz

badge-3In July of 2016, Google updated their Forms to include a Quiz option which teachers quickly came to love. However, until recently, points for short answer or essay questions have not been able to be included in the automatic grading. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t quite figured out yet how to automatically grade essay responses, (Hopefully, this never happens – teachers need jobs!) we do have the ability to add a simple rubric to short answer or essay questions in Forms. Here’s a quick step by step explanation and a short GIF to show you how.

Step 1: While editing the essay question, click on the “Answer Key” button at the bottom.

Step 2: Then, change the points to the total you plan to include in the rubric.

Step 3: Click “Add Answer Feedback” and include your rubric. It’s easiest to give a total for each category which will make grading quicker. You can format it like this:

/5  Grammar (one point per grammar mistake)
/5  Specifics (one point per generality)
/5  Accuracy (one point per inaccurate statement)


When you go to grade each essay question, the rubric will be there in the Answer Feedback for each student, and you can simply plug in the points in front of the slashes in the rubric and manually change the total. The points you assign to each essay question will be included in the total which you can then share with the students.

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