Check out the new Explore Button in Google Docs and Slides

untitledA while back, Google added a really useful gadget to their already stellar spreadsheet app called Google Sheets. This gadget is called the Explore button and could be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. What it did was automatically generate stats, graphs and other interesting data-driven information based on the content of the spreadsheet. People found this tool incredibly useful and wanted to see it in other places.

Well, their wish came true!

Google recently included the Explore button on both Docs and Slides, and it’s totally worth checking out. The tool can be found at the very bottom left corner of any Google Doc, Slide or Sheet.

In Docs, Explore does what the Research tool used to do. (In fact, it can be found in the toolbar under “Tools” – exactly where Research used to be.) It reads the content of your document and offers similar topics, related research and even images that pertain to what you’re writing about. This information can be seamlessly included in your document straight from the tool.

In Slides, the Explore tool does a similar search based on your content, but it also suggests page layouts and creates very professional looking slides. This is a great tool for students looking to create some really nice-looking visuals.

Here is a short video explaining the Explore tool and how it works. Ignore the cat puns. (Actually, I caught myself laughing at the “Chairman Meow” joke.)

To keep from reinventing the wheel, here are some quick resources to check out that further explain the Explore Tool and how it can make your life easier.

Click here to read Google’s explanation of the Explore Tool.

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